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Dream – Believe – Achieve

Confidence Through Creativity

Anstee Bridge in Kingston Upon Thames is a project that helps young people aged 15 – 16 build confidence and resilience and re-engage with education through creativity.


With an empowering creative twist, we embed and support confidence for youngsters who might otherwise get lost in the system.

Our emphasis is on raising confidence and self-esteem, teaching life skills and emotional literacy. Using the power of creativity, Anstee Bridge aims to support and engage young people by helping them discover more positivity in their lives and to believe in their future.


Anstee Bridge was set up in 2008 with funding from Kingston Borough Council and is now partly funded through the dedicated schools grant. This means that we are always looking for help with funding, for new supplies to support our learning environment and for the dedication of volunteers to help us encourage and inspire our students to enjoy a fun fulfilling and successful future.


Find out how you can help us – it is probably easier than you think!


You can read all about what we do here.

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News & Events

27th November 2017  PLEASE BUY OUR SINGLE!

The Choirs With Purpose single “We All Stand Together” featuring Pop Idol finalist Michelle McManus and 10 choirs, including the Anstee Bridge Choir, is now available! The supergroup is made up of 10 choirs across the UK – including the amazing Anstee Bridge Choir. READ MORE





6th July 2017 GOODBYE TO JASON!

19th May 2017 THE ANSTEE 2017 GRADUATION


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Happy Stories

I was a young helpless teen who always always found trouble no matter how good my intentions was ! I struggled with self confidence and self worth and never could imagine for filling my dreams. I went to school every day and hated it it felt like prison I would struggle with school work and instead of getting help my emotional barrier would go up and my anger would kick in I hated being told what to do. As teenagers do I had a lot of self confidence issues and hated my body and myself all together. I got bullied at school for my weight and my looks which lead me down a very steep slope. Read more..
My life when Katherine reached out to me was struggling, I felt like everything around me was failing; I had no motivation to make it better. My mum was battling long-term depression, my dad was recovering from a heart attack and my school attendance had suffered from the time off I needed to deal with all this. On top of all this education welfare were prosecuting my father because of my poor attendance. I felt that my school gave me no support, or just not enough that I needed. If I didn’t wake up and notice the hole I was digging myself I would have ended up in a pit I wouldn’t have been able to get out of. Read more..

You can read many more Happy Stories here.