What We Do

At Anstee Bridge, we offer an alternative learning programme for young people facing emotional challenges causing them to disengage in education.


Young people who are referred to us come to the Anstee Bridge Programme for one day a week, while continuing with exam-related work in school, We teach around 24 students in groups of up to eight, guiding them into further education, employment and/or training at the end of Year 11.


We focus on building young peoples confidence through creativity and holistic provision. We also support young people in bridging the gaps between the support they receive from school, home and mental/health social services.


Over the course of the year, our young people work through a programme that interweaves the following elements:

Emotional Support

All young people are given access to one-to-one sessions with our programme leader Katherine Greening. This provides valuable time and space for young people to be supported in taking care of their emotional health.

Alongside this, we run group workshops to ensure young people learn tools to help them stay well, ranging from healthy eating to sexual health.

I wish I can put in words the huge impact that you and your team have made on Simon. I really don't know what you have done but is amazing to see how all of the sudden my son started to believe in himself. A boy whose capacity was always underestimated is now showing his great potential but most importantly he looks happier. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for believing in my son. With my greatest gratitude. Gloria


Our Dream/Destination sessions ensure all young people have a post 16 destination. We actively encourage and support our students to continue their education to 18 or beyond. We facilitate visits to colleges, offer one-to-one sessions in CV writing and interview techniques, along with providing career advice.

We also encourage our students to dream a little as life has often robbed them of the chance to see their own potential.


Our patrons, mentors, volunteers and artists offer them a range of inspirational role models to encourage them to find skills and interests they didn’t know they had. These can feed into finding hobbies for the future or, in some instances, lead to new interests in education and/or employment.

Creative Projects

Our creative projects are designed to build confidence and increase mental well-being. Our emphasis is on raising self-esteem through the process of making work in a medium often new to them. They work individually and collectively, building an array of life skills from teamwork to managing budgets. Our projects reflect our young people’s growing abilities to express themselves and their opinions. The showcase of their work allows them to see that their views are listened to and their work is respected.

We also offer our young people the opportunity to obtain an Arts Award, to validate the vocations skills they have developed with us and to meet a professional in their chosen career.

We provide one to one support to every young person with guidance from local businesses and employers in Kingston.

Preparation for work

We support young people by using creativity to build their confidence and self-esteem.

We teach them emotional literacy, along with practical skills for work including:

  • CV writing
  • Interview techniques
  • Career advice
  • A chance to meet a professional in their chosen career
  • One to one support with guidance from local businesses and employers in Kingston.


At the end of our year, we celebrate our young people’s work with a graduation.

This is an opportunity to showcase their work to family, friends and the wider community. It is also our opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous journey each individual has been on in their time with us, along with a chance to make sure they feel part of the Anstee alumni and can always count on our support in the future.