Anstee Bridge | The Anstee Choir is Part of ‘Choir with Purpose’
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The Anstee Choir is Part of ‘Choir with Purpose’

choirs-with-purpose-stand-together-cover-blueWe are very proud to announce that Anstee Choir is part of Choirs with Purpose. Formed and led by James Hawkins, the leader of the Missing People Choir who recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, Choirs with Purpose is made up of ten choirs supporting good causes. We are releasing a compilation album that will feature collaborative single aiming for the Christmas 2017 number one spot.

We will also be producing an Anstee Bridge single, a cover of the M-People hit song, Proud, that will feature on the Choirs with Purpose album. The money we make from the sales of the album and our single will enable us to continue our great work at Anstee Bridge.

Pre-order the Choirs with Purpose album here now and help us get a Christmas number one!

Visit Choirs with Purpose on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about the album and the other great causes participating.