Anstee Bridge | Strutting our Stuff at the Saatchi Gallery
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Strutting our Stuff at the Saatchi Gallery

On 13th October, a group of Anstee Bridge pupils visited the famous Saatchi Gallery in London – not just to see the artworks on display, but to visit their own installation, ‘Sixty Years of Fashion’, a year-long collaboration between Anstee and Bounce Theatre. The young people have collected oral histories from local people about the sixties which they used to research fashion brands and cultural influences.

Students worked with artists to explore the influence of music, politics and more on fashion, creating a walk-in wardrobe   of vintage clothing, memorabilia a digital app and a game to show how fashion has influenced everything from the music we listen to to the politics of the day and beyond.

The project was made possible thanks to a grant from Young Roots at the Lottery Fund.  saatchi-gallery-photo-9-anstee-bridgesaatchi-gallery-photo-7-anstee-bridgesaatchi-gallery-photo-8-anstee-bridge