Anstee Bridge | Goodbye to Jason!
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Goodbye to Jason!

Jason2After almost ten years at Anstee Bridge, Jason Philps is retiring at the end of the Summer term. He is going to spend more time on his music and creative writing.

Jason has been much more than a teaching assistant during his time at Anstee, providing support and encouragements to pupils and staff alike.

Katherine listed what she and the pupils will miss most about him:

  • His sense of humour and ability to make us laugh
  • His singing and songs he makes up
  • His belief that we all can sing
  • His jokes
  • His supportive words when I am stressed
  • His ability to make young people feel at ease in the room and laugh or at least smile
  • His crazy stories from his youth
  • The ‘Pizza Dood’ board game he created!
  • His sense of loyalty
  • His creative writing ability
  • His willingness to help me and anyone in need
  • His generosity
  • His energy and sense of fun
  • His passion for Anstee Bridge
  • For never giving up on his dream – he keeps trying
  • For never saying No to my wild ideas
  • For thinking outside the box
  • For making me smile every day
  • For being totally irreplaceable!