Anstee Bridge | How you can help
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Can You Help Us?


It is probably easier to help us than you think! We receive funding for student placements through the schools grant scheme, but as a creative enterprise, we constantly need resources, support from volunteers and equipment every bit as much as funding.


If you can help with any of the following, the young people we support would be very grateful:


colours 400Resources
• Stationery and writing equipment – pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, paper, post-it notes, wall pins, highlighters, plastic wallets, good-quality A4 card for certificates to be printed on, envelopes, paper
• Art equipment – art brushes, paints, glitter, coloured card, glue, staples, A3 and A2 card, board markers, sharpers, painting plastic aprons, notebooks, sticky tape, marker pens, art pens and crayons, chalk, presentation wallets, water bottles, canvas boards, canvas boards, acrylic paints, paint pallets, plastic cups
• Unwanted gifts – we need handbags, clothing, health and beauty products such as make up, face creams, nail polishes and removers, hand creams, hair products a hair dryer, jewellery-making equipment such as clips, beads and earrings
• Books – novels and information books
• Media – blank CDs for recording our students’ work
• Printer supplies
• Personal equipment – tea, coffee, sugar, tissues, hand sanitiser
• Media equipment – iPads, laptops, cameras, Dictaphones, external hard drive, chargers, mobile phones TVs, DVD and CD players
• Kitchen equipment – a small fridge, kettle and toaster, smoothie maker and an iron
• Food – healthy snacks, fruit and bottled water
• Printing free (or very low-cost) printing facilities so that we can print the young people’s artworks and photographs of their performances. We also need to print leaflets for events, shows, graduation ceremonies and performances.


Donationsfundraise 400
• Fundraise for us – can you, your school, college or workplace raise funds to enable us to take young people out on trips and to art exhibition, events and shows?
• Donations – contributions of any size are always welcome to help pay for anything from a few pencils right up to major events and outings.


Your Time
More than anything, we need people who can volunteer regularly to give us a few hours or a whole day (10-2.30pm) of their time once a week between September and May to support the young people.


We also need people who can show them how many choices are available in the world of work. No experience is needed – just a desire to help and support us.


People we would particularly like to hear from include:


• Anyone creative
• Musicians, singers, choir master, actors, artists, magicians, dancers, personal trainers, circus performers, comedians, authors and poets, film and TV professionals, make-up artists, clowns, photographers, fashion designers, record producers…
• Hairdressers, beauticians, nutritionists, personal stylists…
• IT experts
• Sports people
• Gardeners
• Midwives, nursery nurses
• Builders and trade professionals
• Fire and police officers, doctors, NHS staff, dentists, drug and alcohol awareness professionals
• Airline staff and people in the travel industry
• Shop managers
• Self-defence teachers
• Lawyers
• Driving instructors
• Video game designers
• Architects
• Mental health practitioners, therapists offering mindfulness, healing, CBT etc.
• Chefs, cooks, chocolate tasters
• Handwriting experts
• Lego experts
• Graphic designers
• Vet, zoo-worker
• Anyone who can help with teaching interview technique, providing life skills advice or just inspiring young people.


room 400Creative Space
We are currently in a small room in Kingston College, but would love to have a big room which we could use as an art room. Ideally, we also need a smaller room for meetings and one-to-ones, perhaps with a small kitchen so we could run nutrition workshops.


We dream of a room with lots of light, brightly decorated ready to be filled with the young people’s art work and photographs of what they are doing each week.


We would have a big store cupboard to keep things out of the way and organised with lots of small storage boxes, and table coverings which could be washed or disposable so the tables never look grubby.


There would be recycling bins so we could teach about environmental issues. We need the rooms to be in the centre of Kingston so easily accessible for our young people.